IVF Center in Pimpri Chinchwad

Orion IVF Center in Pimpri Chinchwad is the best IVF Center in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune. Orion IVF has grasped the most recent technologies with the goal that each couple can appreciate the excellence of parenthood. The technologies that can control stress, time and side effects at the same time, thus ensuring the best possible success rate in the field of IVF. It is the only IVF Center in Pimpri Chinchwad that provides the treatment after gaining pure insight into the patient’s medical history.


It is a dream of every couple to have a baby, give lot of love and care to the baby and make him or her a good human being. Many couples fulfill this dream with ease but still a lot of couples have a problem conceiving.


If a normal healthy couple tries for a period of 12 months without using any contraceptive and still not able to conceive, there is likely to be some issue with them. The chances of the problem are equal in between male and female partner. Our society puts all the blame on the female but the truth is a man is also equally responsible for the infertility.


A man can have a problem with the semen, can have heath issue affecting sexual and reproductive function. If a man is healthy otherwise, few tests on the semen can tell us whether any significant problem is there or not with him. There may be a problems with the female as will such as tubal block, pelvic infection, poor egg reserve, advanced age, fibroids and so on. Unlike just a semen analysis in male, many tests are required to diagnose a problem in female.


If simple treatments do not work in the couple, they have to undergo IVF treatment for pregnancy. At Orion IVF Center in Pimpri Chinchwad, a team of expert consultants and embryologists is there to solve all your infertility related problems. Orion IVF Center in Pimpri Chinchwad is a pioneer center in the field of IVF. Dr Parag Hitnalikar is a qualified IVF consultant who has an experience of more than 5000 IVF cases will guide you through the process of fulfilling your dreams.


Dr Vijay who is the chief embryologist has the passion and experience to give the best quality of embryos which is must for good success. She also has experience of thousands of IVF cases and has presented papers on various advance technologies in IVF in national conferences. All in all you will be in the best of hands in India for your treatment. Best treatment is not only your expectation but it’s our passion.

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