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Dr. Parag Hitnalikar is one of the best Gynecologist in Hinjewadi, wakad and PCMC. He is loved and respected by his patients as well as the medical fraternity for his professional competence and high ethical standards.

Dr. Parag Hitnalikar is one of the brillient minds in India and best Gynecologist in Hinjewadi. The Orion Hospital is operated by Dr. Parag Hitnalikar Best Gynecologist in Pune, experts and authority in their field of work. Nowadays, people are getting various problems related to their fraternity, for that they search for the best gynecologist. If you are also searching for the best gynecologist in Wakad, Pune then Orion IVF is the best Gynecologist in Hinjewadi . That can help you in your entire problem related to fraternity. They have Dr. Parag hitnalikar; he’s very famous as the best gynecologist in pune.

Dr. Parag Hitnalikar is a well-known gynecologist at Orion hospital in pune, wakad as well as PCMC. He’s patient loved his way of treating plus advising them. Dr. Parag personally advice as well as treat them. He always chooses his patients as his first priority. The entire hospital, staff, as well as the patients, respect him. He is also very famous for his brilliant mind all over India, especially in Pune.

Orion IVF hospital is one of the top leading gynecologist’s hospitals in Pune. In this hospital, the most well-known gynecologist Dr. is working. Most of the place Orion has its branches which is very popular as the Best Gynecologist Clinic in Pune . Orion IVF hospitals have fulfilled so many dreams of various moms, who want to have a child but because of some reasons, they can’t fulfill their dream of becoming the mother of a child. In this hospital, advanced technology is used for working. They personally take care of all the things. All the faculties’ members are so good they also ready to help all their patients.

Gynecologists is physician who specialize in treating diseases of the female reproductive organs & providing well women health care that focuses primarily on the reproductive organs. They deal with a wide range of issues, including obstetrics or pregnancy & childbirth, menstruation & fertility issues, sexually transmitted infection, hormone disorders & others.

The doctors can assess many disorders of the reproductive system through examination. He or she can also conduct tests with blood & tissue cultures common women’s health problems includes endometriosis, fibroid tumours & cancer. These should be evaluated by a doctors in gynecology for medicines & surgery & referred to an Gynecologist for treatment. Dilation& curettage, Hysterectomy, Optorectomy Tubal ligation, Hysteroscopy & laparoscopy are the common operations that gynecologists performs.  

Gynecological examination is quite intimate ,more so than a routine physical eam. Incontinence of urine ,Amenorrhoea, Dysmenorrhoea, Infertility Memorrhagia ,prolapsed of pelvic organs, infection of the vagina & premenstrual syndrome are the condition deal with by a Gynecologists may employ medical or surgical therapies depending on the exact nature of the problem that they are treating.

Specialties of Orion IVF hospital
  • specialist in IVF (in-vitro fertilization)
  • Assisted hatching
  • donor eggs
  • donor semen
  • donor embryos
  • intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • infertility
  • Intracytoplasmic sperms injection
  • embryo freezing
  • laparoscopy
  • ovulation induction test tube baby
  • surrogacy
  • semen freezing
  • blastocyst embryo transfer
  • gynecologist
Why Choose Orion IVF

Orion IVF is one of the best gynecologist hospital in pune which also deals with various problems of male as well as females such as test-tube baby, infertility, surrogacy and many more at the best price which anyone can avail. They use advanced laboratory techniques to do every step. Orion IVF is the most trusted hospital where qualified doctors are working. They assure to all their clients to get positive results.

Why Gynecological advice is necessary

Gynecologist advice is necessary because she’s the one who can advise you better for your internal health such as about your reproductive part, periods, fertility and many more. Gynecologist knows everything about this. Gynecologist know what to do in any situation in a woman’s life. Following are some important thing when a gynecology can advise you better:

1. Early Disclosure of Health Problems
Gynecologists can advise you about your health problems which can affect you in the future Such as infection in the uterus, irregular periods, infection in ovaries and cervix, because these all can be the cause of breast cancer.
2. General Health Review
Gynecologists can suggest you perform a usual physical test to examine the status of your overall health. If they see some changes then they can tell you of means it may conflict with your reproductive or sexual health, plus allow suggestions for medication or followups.
3. Reproductive Plan
Learning each phase of the female reproductive system, Gynecologist can give remarkably helpful knowledge as well as the services to enhance your overall reproductive health. If you intend to conceive soon or in the prospect, your gynecologist can suggest you penetration correlated to your particular profile. Or, if owning a child is not in your ideas, these professionals can evaluate as well as guide a kind of birth control method.
4. Preclusion
While Gynecologist help with the analysis as well as the treatment of living situations, they can also give clarifications to limit health chances. For instance, the gynecologist can offer HPV vaccinations to aid lessen the chance of receiving cervical cancer. They can also give extensive information to aid you to restrict disclosure to sexually transmitted infections.
5. Sexual Health
Communicating regarding your sex life with any doctor can appear awkward; however, if you have an inquiry or concern, gynecologists can allow the most useful resources to aid. These professionals can personally address dilemmas that are affecting your sexual health, like pain throughout sex or a reduction of arousal and many more.
What is Gynecology?

A gynecologist is a specialist doctor of a female reproductive system, which covers the fallopian tube, cervix, ovaries, uterus, vagina as well as vulva. They also deal with menstrual difficulties, contraception, sexuality, menopause plus infertility problems are diagnosed and managed as well as treated by a gynecologist; most maximum gynecologists also give prenatal care, plus few present primary care.

Gynecologist FAQ
1.Do they assure us to solve every problem?

Yes, if there is any chance to solve that problem then they will resolve that but if the problem is big and there nothing which can solve it so they can’t help you with that.

What Our Patient Says

The Team is Pretty Good…Hospital is Decent and very Clean… The process flow is impressive…Over all very satisfied with Sir..

Mayuri mundhe

Dr. Parag Hitnalikar is one of the best Gynecologist in Pune, wakad and PCMC. He is loved and respected by his patients as well as the medical fraternity for his professional competence and high ethical standards.

riya Mistri

Dr.parag and his team members were wonderful, kind and understanding.The way of giving counseling to the patients prior to any Best Gynecologist in Pune Doctor procedure is quite good

Kedar Mule


This hospital has got a great team of skilled and experienced doctors. Especially the gynaecology and infertility department led by Dr. Parag is excellent. The staff takes care of you like a family member. Overall I highly recommend this hospital.

namita Falak

Dr Parag is very talented Best Gynecologist in Pune. He gives a plan of action in first visit itself. I liked the way he treats

Latika Gutte

Best Gynecologist in Pune Doctor and Clinic in Pune.

Sarang khot