How To Increase Sperm Count Without Treatment

Dr Parag Hitnalikar MD, FNB Have you wondered if you can increase sperm count without taking any treatment? Now the recent scientific evidence suggests that you can do it so provided you do it correctly. A good sperm count is very important for fertility, so make sure that you know everything about it. Let’s see how to increase sperm count…

IUI Treatment: Benefits, Success Rate, Cost And Tips

What is IUI treatment, what is the IUI success rate, what are its benefits, and what is the cost of IUI treatment? These are the questions faced by many infertile couples. If you are trying for pregnancy for quite some time now, you are following a fertile period and making physical contact on fertile days, probably doing everything right, but…

Causes Of Infertility In Women

Infertility is described as attempting to become pregnant (with regular intercourse) without any results for at minimum one year. SYMPTOMS: A menstruation that is too long (thirty-five days or more), too short(less than twenty-one days), irregular or absent may indicate you are not ovulating. CAUSES: In order for becoming pregnant all of these criteria are important: 1.You have to ovulate- To…

ivf treatment
When IVF Treatment Is Required

When IVF Treatment is Required?Dr. Parag Hitnalikar MD, FNB Who should go for IVF? Weather IVF is the right treatment for me? Am I the right candidate for IVF? Will IVF succeed in me? What should I do before going for infertility treatments? These are the questions faced by a couple when pregnancy is not happening in spite of all…

Poor Eggs Reserve
Poor Eggs Reserve

Poor eggs reserve, which is also known in other names such as poor ovarian reserve (POR) and diminished ovarian reserve (DOR), affects the fertility of a woman. It happens when a woman’s ovary becomes incapable of reproduction. When a woman has poor egg reserve, the quality andnumber of her egg is lower than expected at her age. The can be…

Unexplained Infertility

The latest research shows that spouses who are of reproductive age face issues with infertility due to different causes. The number of couples facing infertility problems in India is roughly 22 to 23 million, according to the current figures. The female infertility instances comprises for more than 40 to 50 percent of this figure, while the estimate of male infertility is…

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