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What is the probability that a couple will conceive naturally within one year of trying? Probably 85 percent provided they are trying in proper way. What happens to the rest of the 15 percent? Well, if they are having regular intercourse in fertile period, which is from day 10 to day 18 of a regular cycle of 28-30 days, and still no conception, this is a to have a consultation with the expert. Many a times they don’t understand as to when should they start treatment? Whom should they consult? What can be called as a good centre for fertility treatment? What should be the qualification of the consultant? And so on…

Today we will approach the problem in a systematic way.

What should alarm a bell in your mind? If the female partner is having irregular periods, very less bleeding during menses, she is rapidly gaining weight; she has excessive hair growth on body. All these signs suggest some underlying hormonal problem. If she has had any pelvic surgery before, taken prolonged treatment for some disease, age is advancing, very thin or very obese, has endometriosis, then there is likelihood of problem with ovarian reserve or some pelvic pathology. Similarly if the male partner is having history of repeated genital infections, inability to have proper sexual intercourse, has some other chronic illness then the male may be suffering from some semen problem. Also excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, illicit drugs, diabetes or hypertension may decrease sperm count or affect sexual function.

Now that you decided to take a consultation, whom should you consult? Fertility expert is a doctor, who has been trained in this subject after taking his diploma or degree in obstetrics and gynaecology. Infertility is a vast field and a special training is required for the doctor to treat the patient correctly. The doctor should be having their own sonography machine and fertility set up such as semen preparation lab, IVF centre, trained embryologist and adequate infrastructure. The doctor should have a proven track record of success in such cases.

We at Orion IVF have a team of highly qualified and trained doctors and staff. Orion IVF has the best IVF laboratory with all high end equipments do give you the best possible results. Dr Parag Hitnalikar, director and infertility specialist, is trained in fertility treatment from national board and having a degree of FNB (Reproductive Medicine). He has done more that 7000 IVF cases and has an experience of more than 10 yrs of exclusive IVF treatments. He has established and supported many IVF centres all over India. Times survey has awarded Orion IVF as one of best IVF centres in west zone. Orion IVF has the best fertility specialists and best IVF treatments in Pune right now.  Be assured of the latest and advanced IVF treatment offered at least cost.

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